LYOTRAVEL, founded in 2020, has grown from a small start-up to an outstanding digital travel company that integrates cryptocurrency. LYOTRAVEL's mission is to make it easier for everyone to experience the world.
At LYOTRAVEL, we connect travelers with one of the world’s largest selections of incredible places to stay, including everything from hotels, apartments, villas, and hostels to 5-star luxury resorts. The platform currently offers 2,200,000+ properties covering 90,124 destinations with prices up to 40% cheaper than mainstream travel booking platforms.
LYOTRAVEL vision is to align travel booking with the standards of decentralized technology.
To expand usability, LYOTRAVEL promotes accessibility to anyone anywhere, offers censorship-resistant and peer-to-peer transactions, and builds open-source technology controlled by software governed by users.
By investing in technology that takes the friction out of travel, LYOTRAVEL seamlessly connects millions of travelers to memorable experiences with a variety of transportation options, and incredible places to stay — from homes to hotels, and much more. As one of the world’s largest travel marketplaces for both established brands and entrepreneurs of all sizes, LYOTRAVEL enables properties around the world to reach a global audience and grow their businesses.
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