In Development

LYOTRAVEL aims to expand its business by integrating features and new services for the benefit of its users. We now have:

LYOTRAVEL Group Booking

Speak to us to book flights and travel for 20 or more people whether you’re planning your next conference or a golf break in the sun, LYOTRAVEL is the perfect Booking Platform for both business and leisure travel. Your group can travel on the same flight and on the same date with a big discount.

LYOTRAVEL Trip Stacking

Provides the space to book multiple vacation slot trips for different cities and towns in the world at the same time.

Car Rent

Enable car rentals worldwide service.

Mobile application

Currently, the browser interface is the available portal interface. We are developing a mobile application also, for easy and quick booking.

Loyalty Program

A loyalty program to make users eligible to receive rewards for actions and/or purchases. Multi-languages platform. Multi-languages customer service.