Pay with cryptocurrencies


If you choose cryptocurrency, the price will be converted into BTC, ETH, BNB, and LYO, and you can then choose the one that you wish. The payment address will be displayed: complete the transaction.
The page will indicate the "PAID" status once the blockchain has processed all of the necessary confirmations.

How to Make a Payment Using Cryptocurrencies

Visit and enter your destination and dates to book a hotel, house, airfare, or other travel products.
  • Choose your preferred option from the list of possibilities.
  • Fill in the required LYOTRAVEL information.
  • Choose crypto as your payment method, and pick BTC or any other cryptocurrency.
  • Complete the reservation by clicking Finish. Input the created address into your BTC wallet by scanning the QR code or copying the text. Make sure you've entered the precise BTC amount before sending the payment.
  • Once done, click "Send Payment." Once your voucher or e-ticket is available, your transaction will be finalized and you will receive a confirmation email.

Crypto-Friendly Travel Booking

We pride ourselves on being a cryptocurrency-friendly accommodation booking platform. Use your favorite cryptocurrency to pay for your stay anywhere in the world, seamlessly.